eco-minded news for the north shore

Solar Surprises in Illinois

Gazing out the window on a long roadtrip heading to southwestern Wisconsin from Chicagoland, something luminous caught my eye. Inconspicuous small solar installations periodically dotted the roadside of Interstate 90W. Perhaps overlooked or mundane to others, this... read more

North Shore Green Women November Gathering at Mighty Nest

[SlideDeck2 id=13288] Click on the slideshow above to see all 20 photos   Many thanks to Kristen Conn, Tracy Zeidler, Annie Asebrook and Lauren Stanek at Mighty Nest for being fantastic hosts of the North Shore Green Women November gathering. A mix... read more

Illinois Solar is HOT!

From October 21 through 24, over ten thousand people will be flocking to McCormick Place for the Solar Power International expo. Perhaps the 2013 trade show chose to spotlight Chicago for good reason. Solar installations, incentives, innovators and industry trends are... read more

Fire Safety & Sustainability

  In light of October’s Fire Awareness Week, what better time to brush up on sustainable fire safety tips and celebrate local green fire fighters.   First, the alarming truth.  Ninety percent of all fire-related deaths happen in homes.... read more

NASCAR’s Green Gamechanger

Last week, at the NASCAR Green Summit, keynote speaker Al Gore admitted he once thought NASCAR and green were as likely together as sharks and tornadoes.  Well, shark-nado has surfaced.  To my surprise, America’s biggest sport, with over 100 million... read more

Pinterest’s Categorical Fail

Lately I’ve been rather out of sorts online, pinpricked you might say.  After an inspiring day at BlogHer ‘13, the world’s largest blogging conference for women, I thought Pinterest would be the perfect format to share some motivating takeaways by... read more

Towns Pay a High Price for Power (reprint)

  As an update to my earlier posts, Winnetka’s Dirty Secret and Winnetka Pays up for Dirty Power, see the Chicago Tribune piece by Michael Hawthorne below. He reviews how investment in the new massive Prairie State coal-burning power... read more

ChangemakeHers Rising

Sometimes a brain-stirring, heart-tugging, butt-kicking mentor session is in order.   At July’s North Shore Green Women gathering, Annie from Mighty Nest happened to mention the BlogHer ’13 conference was coming up.  I came to find out that... read more

Obama’s Carbon Gamechanger!

  History was made on Tuesday, June 25th, when President Obama proposed the most important action EVER to tackle climate change in the United States.  FINALLY, we have an adult in the room acknowledging real science and driving solutions to substantially... read more

Sustainable Sisters Get Social

Last November, something magical happened.  A fabulous group of eco-minded women from the North Shore gathered together.   Maybe the organic juice shots, delicious raw food or biodynamic wine soothed our souls, but something truly sparked.  For years... read more

From the Ground Up… An Inspiring Read!

It’s not often I find myself tearing up at a Bookstall luncheon. Or hearing a friend’s deeply personal account through a book reading.   However, this week I had the pleasure to attend the touching launch of Jeannie Nolan’s new book, From the... read more

Well, Hello, Divvy! Bike Sharing Rolls Out in Chicago

Next time you head downtown, why not take the train and bike the rest?   Chicago’s new bike-sharing program, dubbed Divvy, may help you reach the final mile.  Intended to provide Chicagoans with another option for moving around the city, this bike... read more