Last month, my friend Carla Young and I were blown away by the amazing Larry Lessig at the Kellogg Innovation Network’s (KIN) Change @ Scale forum. Another friend Stephanie Wolcott, who’s involved with KIN, had earlier told me his talk was a must-see. She was right. He’s a Harvard professor passionately committed to saving our democracy through Campaign Finance Reform. Clearly, money in politics has broken our government. A new Princeton and Northwestern study found: “When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” So if you aren’t one of the Koch brothers, your opinion doesn’t count? Lessig created Mayday.US so one day soon elected officials will answer to us, not the elite few.


The idea is to create a super PAC to kill super PACs.  In May, the Mayday PAC set a goal of raising $1 million dollars through crowdfunding. They surpassed that goal in two weeks and secured a match from individual donors, totaling over $2 million in Stage One. Now, they’ve set an ambitious goal to raise a total of $5 million by July 4. And if they meet that goal, they’ll get it matched, for a total of $12 million raised. That will allow them to execute the first part of their plan to elect a congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.  They will only keep pledged money if they reach their goal.


Today, which happens to be Independance Day, is the last day left to pledge. So far the Mayday PAC has received over 31,500 pledges and $3.6 million.  No matter your party affiliation or issue, I hope you too will join this important crowdfunded effort to reclaim our republic.


Learn more about Larry Lessig and Mayday PAC with Newsweek’s Mayday PAC: The Super PAC Built to Destroy Super PACs,Upworthy’s A Brilliant Plan to Give Billionaires a Taste of Their Own Medicine, and The  Washington Post’s How to Use a Super PAC to Kill Super PACs. Also see Lessig on VOX with Ezra Klein and TED2013 We the People, and the Republic We Must Reclaim







My friend Carla was so moved by Larry Lessig, she contacted him and he came back to Chicagoland to speak to a large group at her home. His compelling, heartfelt talk was enthusiastically received.






**UPDATE! With 9 hours left to go, the Mayday PAC reached it’s goal on July 4th! By day’s end, 49,966 people contributed $5,161,014 to fight corruption! With 123 days left until election day – now onto meaningful campaign finance reform…


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