The Adventure Begins…

The Adventure Begins…




Ready, set, go (green).


Welcome to wren.  I’ve decided to step out of the dark ages and dip my toe into the world of social media.  Since I care about the environment and follow local issues closely, why not start a local eco-blog to pass along all the useful, smart, fun, inspiring information I come across to make a bigger impact?  Last summer, my family took notice of a tiny wren with a mighty chirp nesting outside our window.  We discovered our cheery backyard songbird has long symbolized communication, creativity and progress.  In the same spirit, wren is dedicated to sharing ideas that move forward sustainability.


What to expect from wren…



Consider wren a Winnetka Resident’s Eco Notes.  Where anything green goes, posts will explore timely environmental issues and green living in the North Shore.  I’ll share my experiences, along with insight from leading experts and local folks.  The focus will be sustainable ideas and solutions for our home, lifestyle and community.  I’ll also spotlight plenty of local green resources, leaders and destinations and resources.  Click brown links to dive further into my sources.  But I confess in advance, I’m not perfect!  Others will also be invited to offer their expertise and points of view.



Your input is greatly appreciated.  Please add your feedback or questions in the comment section, I’d love to know what you think.  Also, please share posts with others who may be interested.  The more the merrier.


Occasional Posts

I will post irregularly and send a newsletter recap to your inbox once a month. I realize you are likely overloaded with information as it is, and will only send along interesting and relevant news.


Hopefully wren will inspire you.  Thanks for reading!