eco-minded news for the north shore

Country Club Gets into the Hyperlocal Food Game

Away from the fairways and closer to the clubhouse, golf grounds crews around Chicago are tending a different sort of green—greens in lovingly planted gardens, meant for use in clubs’ kitchens and served in dining rooms. At Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, an... read more

Time to Ditch, Not Double Down

  At the April 28 meeting, the Winnetka Council unveiled shocking new details on the proposed Willow tunnel. Cost projections have skyrocketed to $58.5 million from $34.5 million, a 70% increase, with the potential for costs to climb much higher. This... read more

Stop Superbugs: (M)eating Antibiotic-Free in Chicagoland

My friend Jennifer is a Supermom Against Superbugs. In 2006, her son Sam was training for football season and thought eating a chicken Caesar salad was a healthy choice. However, he became terribly sick from an antibiotic-resistant superbug and lost over... read more

Books & Films On My Mind

    For inspiration in 2015, my New Year’s pledge was to read a book each month on issues I care about.  As luck would have it, some compelling thought leaders came out with exceptional books in 2014. Topics ranging from... read more

10 Chicagoland Good Food Shifts to Savor

  The local food movement sure is cooking in Chicagoland. While we live in one of the most plentiful food generating regions, it’s estimated a paltry 6% of our produce is grown in Illinois. Soured by food that travels over 1,000 miles to plate and... read more

Announcing the Hanley Sustainability Institute

Anyone remember seeing this movie, Wall Street, in the late ‘80s?  I saw it as a junior in college. Back then, my professors didn’t have a clue. About sustainability that is, the word didn’t yet exist. As a business student at Northern Illinois... read more

People’s Climate March Signs Speak Volumes

  Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of joining around 400,000 people in New York to express the urgent need for meaningful climate action. From my vantage point with the NRDC contingent, the incredibly diverse and festive group had a great deal to say. Since a... read more

MAYDAY, MAYDAY – Democracy Calling

  Last month, my friend Carla Young and I were blown away by the amazing Larry Lessig at the Kellogg Innovation Network’s (KIN) Change @ Scale forum. Another friend Stephanie Wolcott, who’s involved with KIN, had earlier told me his talk was a... read more

Green Women Get Social

  Forty sustainable sisters from across the North Shore socialized, “burgerfied” and discovered Make It Better’s green roots.   Let me back up a bit. After a successful North Shore women’s environmental event in November 2012, I came... read more